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WEBSITE CONSULTING - for new or existing sites

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Improve your site with an expert's analysis

Our consulting focuses on your objectives for your site and its ability to communicate with the public. The Prinxipal Consultant has Princeton engineering and Stanford MBA degrees. He has a long career in helping others use computers, starting as a Systems Engineer for IBM.

NOT a Web Design service

We believe that many web designers are more focused on drawing attention to their own skills than in the objectives of a site. (Similarly, many award-winning TV ads do not generate much in additional sales.) Use the consultant's report as a guide and a check on your web designer's activities.

The value of an outside opinion

Our consulting cost is minimal when compared to the overall expense of developing (or redeveloping) an effective website. In many professions, an outside, second opinion is standard practice.


One hundred dollars (US) for two hours of individualized analysis of your website, including a written report. Additional consulting, if needed, may be contracted at the regular hundred dollar/ hour rate.

Get personal attention for your site

Your report will not be some general, "boiler plate" comments or a computerized analysis. Instead, it will emphasize improvements specific to your site to get a better response from the public. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

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